Hot Garbage!

Support my online channels by purchasing packs directly from me. I do my best to only source the best product. If it's not good enough to open on my channels, I won't sell it to you. Free shipping on all orders over $50.00(excluding breaks). Orders may also include random surprises, gifts, etc. If you have a favorite player/team, let me know in the comments on your order. :)

  • Hot Garbage!

    The same packs I open on social media are now available here to purchase. I open packs from every box before I add them to the store inventory, so you can be confident that you are buying a legit product.

  • Gift included?

    Orders may include a surprise as well. Could be a HOF rookie card, could be some hot garbage. Could be a Harold Baines card with dented corners from being y33ted! It's a mystery!

  • Thanks for the support!

    All proceeds go back into my social media channels. I am a card addict, so rest assured your money is being put to good use. Cards are my only vice.