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Fleer Ultra

1992 Fleer Ultra Baseball Series 1 Pack

1992 Fleer Ultra Baseball Series 1 Pack

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14 cards per pack. Collect Tony Gwynn & Award Winners limited edition subsets.

Tony Gwynn autographed an estimated 2000 cards from his vanity insert for insertion into Series One packs. Autographs for all ten cards in the series exist, but since the cards were not serial-numbered, it is unknown exactly how many of each individual card Gwynn signed -- it is assumed that Gwynn signed equal amounts of all ten cards.

Fleer Ultra during this time is known to "brick". Due to the glossy surface, and being stored in unknown conditions for 30+ years, cards may stick together. Paper loss may occur if this happens. Please know that if you buy these packs, there is a possibility you will experience paper loss when separating the cards. Packs such as these are sold "as is". I do my best to not sell packs that I know have major bricking issues, but of course I cannot guarantee it. No refunds will be given if you choose to purchase the cards. You assume the rick by doing so.

Key rookies:



      All sales are final. Returns are not accepted. All cards are in original factory packaging. No packs have been tampered with in any way. No guarantee is made that you will receive a particular card in any pack. You may get that HOF rookie you are looking for. You may get a pack of hot garbage. That is the risk you take with junk wax.

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