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1992 Topps Football High Series Pack

1992 Topps Football High Series Pack

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15 player cards per pack. No gum! Topps Gold Card in every pack!

  • The reason why most of the star players; wide receivers, running backs and quarterbacks were not in the first two series was due to Topps failing to come to an agreement with the NFL Players Association to show the likeness of their members in the football set. By the time the negotiations were completed to everyone's satisfaction, time was running out and so Topps quickly printed a short run version of the High series cards showcasing many (if not most) of the NFLPA members.


  • The last time Topps had a 3rd series in football like the 1992 set was in 1972; 20 years earlier. That third series was ALSO a short print series compared to the first two portions of the set.



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